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  • FALL 2014 ISSUE

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Drought map display

Drought Monitor is a comprehensive drought monitoring effort between the USDA (JAWF/NRCS), NOAA/CPC (NCEP/NWS), NCDC (DOC/NOAA), and the National Drought Mitigation Center

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) produces maps and tabular, numerical tables for the lower 48-States of the Palmer Drought Severity and Crop Moisture indices. In addition, the CPC produces maps of topsoil moisture based on United States Department of Agriculture state reports of topsoil moisture conditions. The CPC also monitors current calculated soil moisture, current month average evaporation, runoff, accumulated precipitation, and average temperature; recent anomalies and changes; climatology, and standard deviations.

Flood Potential maps and graphs are provided by the National Weather Service.

Moisture History Loop includes a series of maps showing most recent day, monthly and 12 months calculated soil moisture, anomalies and percentiles; 25-year average soil moisture & soil wetness data are used in the soil moisture outlook.